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This is about one of the journeys to over 60 countries.


May,2014 136.JPG

Life style in Scandinavian countries is balanced between work and leisure and so is in
BUDAPEST above. People are great believers in taking every opportunity for siesta.

Hungary sits at the crossroads of central Europe.  It has gone through countless invasions and foreign occupations,  against the Turks in the 17th century,  the Habsburgs in 1848, Nazi Germany occupation in the  Second World War and the brutal  Soviet occupation until the collapse of Communism.

Not only are Hungarians  brave and resilient, but they are also  very hospitable to foreigners.

May,2014 113.JPG

The glory of Austro-Hungarian Empire is depicted in the interior of Hungarian Parliament above .

May,2014 085.JPG

Hungary had seen brutal occupation first by Nazi Germany and then by Soviet Russia.
The statue of American President Ronald Reagon  in Budapest is in gratitude for his part in  bringing to an end the Communist domination in Eastern Europe and return to free Independent countries.

May,2014 033.JPG

At the famous Chain bridge that divides BUDA  and  PEST,  on either side of DANUBE River.

May,2014 052.JPG

On the PEST side , the old glories on the shores of Danube River.

May,2014 069.JPG

A guard at the entrance of Hungarian President’s office.

May,2014 128.JPG

The Holocaust Museum  in Budapest, keeping alive the memories of Nazi Germany extermination of Jews.  People of Budapest resent this memorial which implicates them
in the horrors that were committed by the Nazi during occupation of the country.


May,2014 149.JPG

The summer activities on the water in Stockhom, Sweden.

May,2014 162.JPG

In Sweden Politics is the national hobby. There is fierce opposition to any Government in power. People take politics very seriously. Speeches by the opposition groups on the street attracts large number of people, as above.

May,2014 158

In  Stockholm, Sweden , the public street political speeches can be inciting and with alcohol consumption in the surrounding cafes, it can get rowdy,  the police are always present in full force to maintain peace and order.


Copenhagen, Istanbul, Bangkok- Naila 010.JPG

Above Copenhagen, Denmark   people roam around happily and always at ease. Nobody is in a hurry. Above street scene with my daughter Naila.

Ebullience and sense of humour, openness and friendliness is what has made Danes distinct. Their feeling of wellbeing extends to their cozy hospitality.  They made famous their “smorrebrod” the  open- face Danish Sandwich. Denmark comprising over 400 islands is surrounded by water. Historical the Vikings were magnificent seafarers and today Danes remain expert navigators with 2800 miles of coast line for sports and annual regattas and for fishing as well.  Danes though have hefty taxes, they are proud of their state funded medical and educational system and their high standard of living. They have a unique Danish institution of the People’s High School  where students live in and where the shared experience is deemed as important as the courses taken and adds value in their adult life.  Copenhagen is a city of art ad culture with numerous theater and opera houses.  Denmark is one of the world’s most civilised countries.

Globally  by survey the most HAPPY PEOPLE are in DENMARK, FINLAND AND ICE LAND.  Their Gross Domnestic Products  are SECOND to their  GROSS DOMESTIC HAPPINESS.

A  very relaxed nature of people, above at the waterfront in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Istanbul, Bangkok- Naila 023.JPG

Musicians displaying their skill on the street in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Istanbul, Bangkok- Naila 025.JPG

People all the time  in a relaxed mode on the waterfront. Above  daughter Naila in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Istanbul, Bangkok- Naila 026.JPG

Endless hours are spent by people relaxing on waterfront in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Istanbul, Bangkok- Naila 038.JPG

The famous Mermaid in Copenhagen, with daughter Naila.


Historically  the country has been prey to invaders and occupiers from the Tartars in the 13th century and the Hapsburgs up until 1918 and the soviets since the end of world war two. They have produced many heroes fighting for freedom and their most famous Alexander Dubcek during brutal Soviet occupation.

May,2014 121

With the statue of Alexander Dubcek, a true patriot , while under brutal Soviet occupation, worked  to bring about liberalism and hope for the people,  the short lived revolt was mercilessly crushed and he physically suffered at the hands of Soviet leadership in Moscow. Alexander Dubcek died tragically in an accident on Nov.7,1992,   was born Nov.27,1921.

PRAGUE,czech Rep. AUG.2014 016


PRAGUE,czech Rep. AUG.2014 103.JPG

A scene in Prague, Czech Republic.

PRAGUE,czech Rep. AUG.2014 123.JPG

Prague, Czech Republic, the memories of  TWO brutal occupation is alive in the minds of people, survivors and the history. First horrible occupation by GERMANY during the Second World War, and the Second occupation at the end of the war by Soviet Union equally brutal.

PRAGUE,czech Rep. AUG.2014 145.JPG

Prague, Czech Republic at the Charles Bridge, the most famous for visitors.

PRAGUE,czech Rep. AUG.2014 150.JPG

Free enterprise, what ever money can be made, on the Charles Bridge in Prague.


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