Northern Pakistan – China border.

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Northern Pakistan – China Border at Elevation 4,693m  (15,397 ft.)

Driving through the mountain snow covered  roads  winding up with a spectacular scenery from Hunza over the Karakoram  Range  at Khunjerab  Pass   the highest point   civilian traffic can go.

CCI17092014_00000 (37)

Soon after reaching the border, a bus load from China side arrived with all ladies. Medical students from China on an outing drive.  I found them extremely excited soon as they came out  of their bus,  looking at me and my guide Amjad in amazement and unbelief to see other different human beings.  Apparently later I understood these medical students had never been outside China or encountered other people then Chinese. Their curiosity and excitement was such that they would touch me on the nose, ears and head to make sure I was a real human being and laughter all over.  They insisted taking photographs with myself and my guide Amjad,  not letting their hands off us and still wondering.  See photos below.  They all forgot the sheer cold and snow at that height.

It was joyous and hillarious time and soon their uniformed security guard got them with some efforts to get into their bus and soon they drove away to China waving good byes.

Never  to see them again. In my journeys I have encountered always strangers but wonderful human beings always willing to interact and connect, language and custom never a barrier. It is human to human  –   with warmth, understanding and respect, the   diversity and pluralism in action.

CCI17092014_00000 (38)

CCI17092014_00000 (41)

Young medical students from China still fascinated of their first encounter with non-Chinese people. Me and my guide Amjad were helpless against their overwhelming excitement.


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